Pinterest Win

When I saw these cute little bites of yumminess a few days ago on Pinterest, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to redeem my pinning addition in the eyes of my family.  I even had wonton wrappers since my last attempt at baked crab rangoon was well....lets just say NOT a hit.


My favorite thing about this recipe is that my kids did 100% of the work- I even think it may find its way into our regular kid cooking options rotation.  Aidan and Caleb did all of the slicing, Kylee mixed the filling, and Kylee, Logan, & Caleb did the cups.

We made the following modifications-
*Cooking spray instead of butter and sprayed & sugared after putting them in muffin tins
*Instead of cream cheese and orange zest and powdered sugar, we used plain greek yogurt with a little raw honey
*No mint garnish

I would be ashamed to admit (if they weren't so perfectly not at all bad for you) that we ate 2 dozen in a matter of about 15 minutes.  They were even a hit with all 4 big kids, which almost never happens these days!


The only thing I would change next time (and there will be a next time) would be folding the corners in before baking them.  Those corners were a little pokey if you bit at the wrong angle!

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