They Eat Green Food


This is my adventure into artichockes.

We get a weekly produce basket from Bountiful Baskets and last week I bought 2 baskets because we were hosting a First Communion party.  In addition to about 20 onions, I ended up with 4 artichokes.

I had never eaten or prepared an artichoke before in my entire life.

Assured by some excessively patient friends that it would be ok, I searched Pinterest and all of my cookbooks for artichoke pasta recipes.

And then like a good cook, didn't prepare any of them.

Instead I threw together some of the common flavors into a sauce that was a little more to my dietary preferences.    Into my Vitamix went chicken stock, greek yogurt, a little lemon juice, artichoke hearts, parmesan cheese, and spinach.  I didn't measure anything, just dumped and tasted.  I was going for a pesto type sauce....only without any nuts.  Or oil.  Or herbs.   So kind of nothing like an actual pesto.....

I redeemed my not-pesto artichoke sauce by serving it over pasta.


Shirtless blue eyed boy approved.


And all is happy in the house where we don't fear green food.

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