Purposeful Space


Our daily schedule isn't the only thing starting as a blank slate, our home is as well.  You may or may not be aware, that I did not actually see our house until the day we closed on it.  Tim travelled to Minnesota on his own (over Mother's Day of all times) to look at houses and just fell in love with this one and he was sure it would be even more than we ever would want.  As I set up our rooms and organize our belongings, that is turning out to be true in ways I am sure he never imagined!

This is our front porch, a place for creating...


...and exploring



The opposite side of the front porch is a mirror image and while right now all I have is a lawn chair with my book, I imagine a day when instead I have a comfy chair or swing with an end table.  I'd like to cover the ledges with potted plants to add a little privacy.  (We actually live on an acre, but it is a long, narrow lot.)

The best part (other than keeping these messes out of the house and cleaning up with the hose), is that it is completely covered.  You can't tell, but all of these pictures were taken when it was raining outside and we were completely dry!

I know this is Minnesota and this outdoor space won't be as enjoyable a few months from now, but for this moment, I am in love with the practically and functionality!

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