Birthday Bum

I am a birthday bum.  We had a big party at our house on Saturday for Lucie's first birthday and Aidan's tenth and I took exactly zero pictures.  I mean, really...who does that?

Tim took three of Lucie eating her cupcake and two of a giant bug we found in the back yard.



Wow, aren't we awesome parents?!

I know the kids like when we have big parties (and they get more presents, although I try not to make it about that), but I like the years we choose to do something special as a family instead.  They grow up too fast and I like the excuse to make memories and hang out together!  And I almost never forget to take pictures there :)

So now I have a 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 year old...with only two more kid birthdays to go.  Kenna has her would-be 6th birthday on Thursday and Caleb has to wait to be eight until November.  I swear every year just goes faster than the one before.  These kids of mine just keep growing up.  Who gave them permission to do that?!?!

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