Let The Birthday Madness Begin!

August is birthday month at our house.   We celebrate not one... not two.. not even three birthdays, but four birthdays at our house this month!  Three of them are actually the same week!

The first birthday princess is Kylee who turned 5 on Friday!

Special Birthday Braid

For her special day, Kylee went on a date with Daddy to pick out her new bike (she has never had her own...always a hand-me-down) and have a special treat.

They had to text me a picture

After all day biking this girl slept like a rock

In the afternoon, she and I made cookies to decorate at her friend party on Saturday.


Since Kenna is one of our August birthdays and Kylee and Kenna will always be intricately linked in my mind, we actually made cookies for her birthday as well.


We don't do a big party every year, but the older kids did something special and different for their 5th birthday so we planned a special "girls only" party for Saturday.  It was just a small gathering, but I think the girls enjoyed decorating vases and arranging flowers and decorating cookies.  We sent home homemade bath salts as party favors.  No pictures though, because I was camera delinquent.  My friend Leigh rescued me, so maybe when I get those from her I will post a couple!

Now we have a little birthday break until the 24th, when we will celebrate Lucia Marie turing one, followed by Aidan turning 10 (double digits...nope...still in denial about that one..) on the 27th.  They are having a combined big family party and then we will end out the month with quiet immediate family party for Kenna's birthday on the 29th!

I told you it is madness!

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