New Month, New School Room


Welcome to our new school room!  

We are so excited (and blessed!) to have the space for such a beautiful room where we can display all of our materials at the same time, across age groups.  This is something we haven't had...well, ever!  Even our albums are right in the classroom with us.  The last three years particularly, we have been short on space to the end of relying more heavily on traditional paper-pencil approaches.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, but this is what we love and how we all function best.  This week we are exploring and working through the kinks as we prepare for fall in our new classroom.

Rugs, Geography/Culture, and Sensorial

Science and Some Sensorial (Bottom)

Infant/Toddlers, Some Practical Life, Farm

Language and Prayer Table


Bonus Spaces

Music (In Living Room)

More Practical Life (Laundry Room)

You have to imagine it, but there will be a hand washing table and food prep practical life here. (Kitchen)

Thoughts?   There are still a few things that I need to straighten/organize (like the pile of things on top of our gecko tank) and I need to start looking at where to start the older three on lessons for the subjects we have switched to more paper-pencil the last few years.  Mostly I am just ready to get moving!

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