2013 Goal 1 point 2

Did you catch that?

This is the second part of my great homeschool organization goal for 2013-2014.


You know those "Said no mom (nurse, teacher, etc) ever" picture e card things always circulating Facebook?

I really love having so much extra paper floating around my house.....said no homeschooling mom ever.

I feel a little bad even writing that, we have so much LESS paper than a more traditionally homeschooling family because we don't have workbooks.  In fact, this year Aidan is using mostly Khan academy for Math so that cuts down the paper even further.

Never the less, we do have paper and books and notebooks that must be kept separate and (preferably) neatly organized.

In the past we have tried clipboards, hanging files, folders, and baskets.  Each system has worked to an extend, but none of them did I completely love.  Especially when we were doing more workbooks and I felt like I had no where to store them smartly.

Maybe I'm just the only one with that problem and I'm writing this blog for me, in which case, carry on with your regularly scheduled and organized life.

I digress.

Here are our binders for this year.


Pretty, huh?

Inside they have language notebooks, reading comprehension packets, and a folder.


The notebook on top is for general language work.  The front is for grammar and the back is for spelling work.



The reading comprehension packets are from Catholic Heritage Curriculum and they came ready to put in a binder just like this.  I can swap out their next story when they finish one.


The folder holds work in progress (the red booklet is a math facts packet) and some of the reading books are slim enough that they also fit inside the pocket.


In case you were wondering, Caleb has a Lego Chima folder.  They were quite excited about their folders and somehow I was also scammed into buying Disney Faries and Superman folders for my younger students.

So far these binders are doing their job as desired in a very underwhelming kind of way.  My random thoughts are as follows:

I never know what will happen when the paper starts to accumulate and there are more and more finished works.  That is something I will have to keep a close eye on.

The binders in combination with the planners take up a fair amount of space on the dining room table when everyone is working.  With the boys spread out, sometimes there doesn't seem enough room for everyone, although I'm not sure that is a bad thing as I am trying to encourage people to work on the floor table and on the floor.

They also don't fit very nicely on our shelf, so we are working on that.  I'm considering the 31 Keep It Caddy's, one for each boy.  I have one for myself and I use it lots.  They might also make it easier for the boys to move from place to place, helping to solve the previous issue as well.

Overall, I'm slightly less confident about the paper organizing solution than I am about the planners, but time will tell and we all know I'm not afraid to scrap it and try something new if it isn't working.

Up next, organizing card work and spelling lists and word problems and....

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