A Different Kind of Celebration

Way back in 2009, I posted about a special family celebration in honor of my grandfather for Father's Day.  His health had begun to fail and we all made an extra effort to gather for the day.  While it wasn't the last time we gathered, it was certainly the most together our family has been since that time.  We have celebrated college degrees, a wedding, an adoption, several new babies, and even a retirement in the four years that have past.  Though he hasn't attended all of the celebrations (or met all of the babies, including my Lucie), through all of it, Grandpa has held on.  At no point since that day have so many members of our family been together in one place.

This past, Saturday, however, after breaking his hip and complications following surgery, my grandpa passed away in Colorado.  While, not particularly surprising or shocking, still a sad time for us.  My parents and aunts and uncles have made the trek to Colorado to be with my grandma, but eventually his remains will be returning to Minnesota to be interred at Fort Snelling and I am hoping to be able to attend that day.  If nothing else, I am grateful that his grave will be close by so we can visit even if we aren't there now.   Love you Grandpa/ Papa Papa!

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