Homeschool Organization Part 3

I don't know about you, but I've noticed something strange about organization as I attempt to be more intentional in training the boys to be self organized and directed.

The more organized I am, the more self directed and organized they are, and the less organized I have to be.

No, seriously.

This has been particularly evident in how we organize some of our materials.

In the past, if I wanted to give lessons with a certain set of cards, I would have to remember in advance of the day.  Then I would go down to our storage area, dig through all the boxes to find the set I wanted, come upstairs and figure out how I was going to find room for it on the shelf (or decide it would just be a one time lesson and skip giving it a home on the shelf), give the lesson, and then figure out how long I would be able to give up our precious shelf space for the cards.

This method worked, to an extent, but it was limiting to both me and the boys.  It took away our ability to be spontaneous in referring to past work or bridging to something in the future.

This year I brought out all of our science card work and sorted it by topic:  plant life, animal life, human anatomy, electricity and magnetism, and earth & space science.   Each topic gets its own shoe box sized plastic bin.  Inside the shoe box are all of the card sets for that subtopic of science.   Each set of cards is in either a mini folder, card box, or vinyl bag (mostly depending on what it was stored in previously).   All of our card work now fits onto one shelf on the science shelf in mostly matching blue bukets..


I did the same thing with our word packets and grammar boxes.   They are sorted by word types (grammar) and spelling rules into similar boxes.  This really cuts down on my upfront organization needed because ALL of our spelling and grammar materials are out.  If we finish with one set early or we need to skip a set because it becomes clear that one has already been mastered, it is no longer a big deal.  No longer a time suck.


The white boxes on the middle shelf hold the spelling and grammar work.  They are hard to see, but I made 1 page mini charts for topics like making plurals, types of words, etc. and inserted them into page protectors so those are all more easily available as well.  Those are stored right alongside the language boxes.

So as I am more organized upfront, the boys have more available to them on a daily basis and can work more independently, also allowing me to adapt on the fly when I need to adjust lessons (usually because I forgot to plan them in the first place).

The more organized I am, the more self directed and organized they are, and the less organized I have to be.


Up Next- Your Homeschool Organization Questions Answered....but first you have to ask them!

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