Inviting Baby In


I am often asked about this cute peanut and how she fits into our school day.  She definitely provides a challenge, but she also provides a lot of fun!


Over time, we have figured out that what works best is for me to lay out a rug for her in the morning when we start and choose an activity from the shelf that I think will interest her and put it on the rug for her to discover.  Then I can sit next to her rug and give a presentation for either Logan or Kylee while she is close by.  She climbs on me a bit, but I can usually direct her back long enough to finish the lesson.  


Then I give her some time to wander the school room and she will usually take out another work or two (or ten) and just explore everything.  We have a shelf up high with all of the choking hazard practical life/transfer materials so the other kids can ask for those if they want and she doesn't get into anything too troublesome.  We have had to make a few other changes to arrangement based on her baby mischief!

She still gets tired in the morning, so usually about an hour into our work time, I throw her on my back and sing a little and she goes right to sleep.  She is so light that I really don't even notice she is there anymore.

With each new baby I have been a little more intentional about how I include them and this is definitely a good balance...which will probably last about a month until she has a growth spurt or wants to give up her morning nap and then we will figure it out again!

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