Pie Perfect

As we adjust to life here in our new town, even the boys are on the lookout for ways to get involved and meet new people.  When they saw the Apple Pie Contest in the church bulletin they were determined to participate...despite the fact that neither of them had ever made a pie before.




When their pie was finally ready for the oven, Caleb says, "Phew!  That was hard.  I did not think making a pie would be so hard!"  

Of course being they had never made a pie before they didn't place in the contest, but I'm so glad they were brave enough to try.  I know when I was 7 or 10 I would have run the other way!

After Mass throughout the weekend, people had the opportunity to buy a slice of pie to raise money for the faith formation program.   After the last Mass of the weekend, however, there was my boys' pie....with only one small slice for judging taken out.

After watching the pies dwindle and seeing lots of people make faces and disregard this less than perfect pie, I walked up to the table and paid $20 for the whole thing.

Truth be told I did it a little bit out of frustration and a little bit out of disgust at the obvious disrespect people were showing, but mostly I did it because I was so proud of my boys for working this out.  Sure I could have helped them more, but the truth is they neither wanted or needed it.  They did just fine on their own.  They are already talking about all the ways they will make a better pie next year.

Who needs judges to know this was the most perfect pie on the table?


Besides, apple pie is delicious for lunch.


Meredith said...

This is just beautiful.

Angie said...

Yum! How sweet it is.