Core Montessori: Mini Books

One of the hallmarks of Montessori language is the introduction of writing before reading.   One thing that I've found invaluable in the transition between understanding the sounds of letters/sandpaper letters and writing with the moveable alphabet into reading words is making mini books.  The simplest mini books can be made using blank copy masters from 3 part cards where the student colors the picture and then writes the label.

They can also do the same thing, but provide their own illustrations such as Kylee is doing here with the life cycle of an apple.


A more advanced option is to use something like the middle vowel sound picture cards to write the words and make a booklet of "a" words for example.  The box tells what the middle sound is on the front and the student can listen for the beginning and ending sound to write the word and draw the picture.



In all cases, the child can then "read" their finished booklet knowing the words they have written and the illustrations they have completed. It is not unusual for Kylee (5)  to spend as much as an hour or more during each work period making books.   When her daddy comes home, she loves to read them to him again and again.  As the child continues on their Montessori education, reading and writing mini books continues to provide a foundation for showing what they know. Here is an example of a book Aidan made showing the factorization of numbers.


Book making is a core component of the montessori method, because it is a bridge between subject/content areas and also a bridge across multiple classroom ages.

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