Weekend Getaway

Sorry for the quiet spell on the blogging home front!  I have been preparing for a trip (literally, physically, and mentally), taking a trip, and then recovering from a trip.  I'm sure most moms relate to the third step as more than a little overwhelming!

Last weekend I traveled with Aidan and Lucie (Lucie since she's still a nursing munchkin and Aidan as her "babysitter") to a tae kwon do tournament in Idaho.  I didn't go to compete, but rather to test for my 2nd Degree Recommended Black Belt.  If that makes no sense to you, think of it this way.  I have to test twice for my 2nd Degree and the first one is "recommended" and then I become "decided" after I pass the second test.

I don't know if I passed round one yet...or even when I will know.  Testing at a tournament, especially in front of Grand Master who was in attendance, is a bit of a big deal.  I actually don't even have a guess yes or no because it could go either way.  Did great on my forms and board break, but dropped (and later fumbled) my weapon so that will play into the final outcome.  If I didn't pass then I get to do it all again.  I'm trying not to think too hard about that possibility, but I know it's out there so I keep reminding myself to be realistic and that while I did the best I could in that moment I could have done better.

I also competed (didn't place) and did some judging and scorekeeping and Aidan was able to compete as well (that was his "payment" for "babysitting" Lucie while I tested).  He took third in sparring and lost the tie breaker for third in forms.  I don't actually have any pictures of him because I was scorekeeping his ring.  Lucie was a champ both in the air and at the tournament.  We were able to see many of our friends from Utah and she hung out with some of the other moms and Aidan when I had responsibilities.  Actually for the first two rings on Saturday, she slept in her stroller next to the corner judge.   She was cute.

Saturday night we went out with friends to celebrate a birthday and then Sunday morning we were able to meet a friend I have known for many years from one of the infant/loss groups I was a part of after Kenna died.  We west to Mass together and I met her husband and kids which was fun.  The flight home was long and eventful, but I think I'll just leave it at getting puked on at 30,000 feet with nothing to change into.  Oh yeah, and then changing into a different shirt (dirty but less smelly) in the airport parking garage...that was fun too.

The rest of the weekend made up for it though.  Great to see friends... I have really missed my tae kwon do family the past 4 months.   I came home ready to refocus my efforts a little bit so I don't lose all the progress I have made physically and mentally in the last 3 years.  We are working on starting our own club and I was able to get some of the paperwork done for that over the weekend as well.

Mostly my friend Pat took the pictures (she's the one steering the stroller Lucie is pushing below) so as soon as her daughter gets them off of her phone I'll have more to share.

 My Form During Testing


 My Board Break During Testing (Can't see much, but you can hear it!)


 Cute Baby On Her First Plane Trip




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