Thanksgiving Morning

I really had no intention of spending time this morning blogging, but something so wonderful and sweet happened this morning I just have to write it down before I forget.  The kids are watching the parade, Tim is doing random picking up jobs and keeping Lucie out of trouble, the turkey is waiting its turn to go in the oven, and my parents are well on their way to our house.

After breakfast I asked the kids to help me make a pretty table for our special meal.  We got everything arranged and I asked the kids if they would make some name markers.  Aidan had this wonderful idea, as he is prone to do, to get out our heart doilies and turn them over so the white side was up and use them as placemats.  Then we could write names right on the hearts.   He's a smart one that boy.

Since I was trying to fill time (and honestly that is all this started as) I wrote "I am thankful for _____ because"  on all of the hearts and put them at the right place.   Then I gave the boys a marker and let them have at it.  Of course later everyone had to get in on it and I helped the little ones "write" too.  (On a side note Papa and Kylee must be pretty special because they were the only two I could coax Logan to say more than "because".)


And then this happened.

And this.

And then of course a few tears had to happen on the part of this mama.

And their Daddy too if he's being honest, which he pretty much is.

I hope and pray that your Thanksgiving is as special as ours already has been.

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Heather said...

I like this idea at Thanksgiving. We do something similar at Christmas, little notes to put in each other's stockings to be open on Christmas morning.