DIY Scent Matching Bottles

Scent matching bottles are one of those things I have always thought would be fun to have, but never wanted to spend the money or scrounge up the materials.  Who can find plastic film canisters these days anyways? Then I had one of those trying-to-fall-asleep brainstorms and I realized I didn't need them because I had something just as good.

Beeswax, Essential Oils, and Empty Chapstick Tubes.

I melted down some beeswax with almond oil (fairly neutral) in my Mini-Dipper Crock Pot.  The almond oil is needed or your wax will harden too fast to get it into the tubes.


Chose the essential oils I would use: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Cinnamon Bark, Peppermint, and Lemongrass.


Mark the tubes with colored control dots on the bottoms and make one of the caps for each pair black.  I used a permanent marker for this step.



I had a lot of interested helpers.


Fill the tubes with a pipette (yeah I know the wax isn't all the way melted in this picture...I was getting impatient for the purposes of picture taking).  I did 10 drops of EO, followed by wax, followed by a few more drops of EO, and more wax and then I shook them up a little bit.  It wasn't mess free and it wasn't perfect but they came out well enough.



This iteration of the project is something that probably would not save any money if you didn't already have these things on hand, but it worked well for us.  I have to admit matching them is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it gets easier with practice!  The biggest change I think I'm going to need to make is something more permanent than the markers.  The oil kind of rubs off the colors. I'm thinking maybe colored dots, but that might not stay on any better.

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Olivia D {The Road to Poland} said...

nail polish might work for colored dots. or glitter glue. just thinking out loud. :)

Heidi said...

Nail polish would probably work great! Especially for the tops of the caps which seem to be rubbing off worse than the control dots.

Abbie said...

Oh, you brought me back to my homemade lotions and balms days!! I made smelling bottles too, but I used liquids, just a bit of essential oil on cotton balls in jars, instead of using a solid. Like you, I had a bunch of essential oils on hand...This is a great idea!