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My Blogging Dilemma

I have very carefully debated how to word this post because I think it would be really easy to write it in a whiny, poor me, kind of way and that's really not my intent.  Of course, it may come off that way anyways, so I apologize in advance if it does.

If someone asks me why I keep a blog I basically have 3 answers.

1.  I like having a record of what we are doing with homeschool.  Since I post a lot of what we do, it is easy to look back and see what we have done in the past and remind myself how things fit together.

2.  I like sharing my ideas with other people, both our homeschooling and family stuff.

3.  I like connecting with other families that make similar choices to us.

Here's my perceived problem.  

No one ever comments on my blog and therefore other than #1 (which I could easily accomplish without blogging) I have no idea if those are even valid reasons any longer.

No I'm sure some of you are reading this say, Oh hey now, I've commented on this blog before!   and indeed some of you have, but how often?  I get maybe 2-3 comments per month regardless of how many times I post.  I can post once or twice, or I can post 4-5 times/week.  No difference, which leads me to ask if anyone is actually out there reading these words and if not...why am I writing them anymore?

I know a big part of this is that as my kids have grown I haven't spent as much time in those little communities promoting every post I write and joining every blog hop.  I still read many of the same blogs I did then and have started following others.  While I definitely still comment, I don't comment as much as I used to.   So that is completely on me and I realize that.  I can't ask others to do for me, something that I'm not doing for them.

On the other hand, I'm seriously evaluating if I should continue to blog in the same way I have for the last 5 years.  If I had to make that decision today I would probably decide NOT to blog because I don't see myself as reaching goals number #2 & #3 of blogging.  I may be sharing my ideas but I have no idea if they are helpful or interesting or relevant any longer.  Perhaps they simply aren't!  I may be connecting through other people's blogs, but I can do that even if I don't have one of my own.

I don't blog to be popular or have a million comments on every post.  I don't blog for people to give me free stuff that I'm perfectly happy and able to purchase for myself.  (Although don't get me wrong, I don't mind when either of those things happen...I am human!)   I do, however, at least partially blog for you my readers and when I don't hear anything for months on end I start to wonder.  Maybe there are only 2 people reading my blog anymore!  

Five years ago blogging about Montessori was a niche in and of itself.  Now, not so much.  There are plenty of bigger and flashier blogs with bells and whistles and more time to spend.  I'm ok with that.   There may have been a time when I wished to be that one stop shop for inspiration but I don't really have that kind of time in me these days.   The truth is I have far more real life support in all things faith, family, and homeschooling than I did 5 years ago.  My priority is in my family and if blogging is something that can help us be more organized in homeschooling and connect with new people and share new ideas than I will keep doing it. 

If it is merely something sucking my time then I will not.

(If you are reading, don't worry I'm not going away just yet..... I have a backlog of pictures from some recent projects and I'm trying to get organized to publish some posts!)


Martianne said…
Hi there! I am guilty of not often commenting on posts I read here and elsewhere. I WANT to, and sometimes I actually do, but often I just spend what time my life and children allow for reading blogs actually reading them - not reaching out with comments. I know this isn't a good practice, and have actually gone through periods where I purposely comment on EVERY post I read somewhere as an exercise in gratitude and community. Now, is not one of those periods, However, I wanted to take the time to write to say I DO read your posts when I can, I DO learn from them. I APPRECIATE you taking time to write and I hope you still do at whatever pace you can. I also TOTALLY RELATE to what you've written as I go in and out with similar feelings myself about my blog. SO, thank you for your honesty and for sharing your reflection. May your day be blessed with peace and discernment.
Heidi said…
Martianne I was actually thinking of you when I was thinking of the blogs that I read and don't comment on nearly often enough! I just came across one of the faith formation in children blog hops you had done a long time ago with an Advent/Christmas type theme and was looking through old activities that way.
I think it's a change of technology. When Google Reader went defunct many people didn't sign up for a new reader but started following through Facebook. I get "likes" and some comments on Facebook and a lot less on the blog. Markedly less starting from the date Google Reader ended. Also, more and more people are reading on tablets (including me) and don't comment from the tablet. I try to remember to go back and comment on posts when I'm on my desktop again, but don't always remember.

I have evidence that more and more people are reading my blog, but less and less are commenting.
Heidi said…
I hadn't thought about that before- but I wonder if you are right because I used to get way more comments. I used to pay more attention to traffic and things than I do now. I pop random things up on Facebook all the time though. My only issue with Facebook is that I don't think posts are publishing there correctly and I am not dedicated enough to making sure that I post them myself!
Hmmm.. just more evidence I'm not technologically savvy. I manually post everything to Facebook. I don't know how it works now, but I don't like how small the pictures is/was when I link in the typical way. Plus, my photo used to not show up properly without explanation. So I got in the habit of posting manually so I could post everything as a "photo" instead of as "a link." I noticed recently the pictures were bigger on a link I posted so maybe I could save some time and start auto posting there...if it works...

I've been paying a lot less attention to traffic since Google Reader disappeared. I had 1200 subscribers when it was running and after it went down I had 200 and that number really hasn't recovered at all. Either 1000 people stopped forgot about me and never missed me or just moved to Facebook where I gained about 1000 over the past six months.

If it makes you feel any better, I consider quitting blogging several times a week as well. I blog for the same reasons you do.
Marsha said…
I am guilty of not commenting. I watch traffic on my blog, and seem to have a lot of visitors, but I rarely get comments. I think we're all doing it for the reasons you gave.
I think if it brings you joy and provides you with something, keep doing it. If it doesn't add something to your life journey, drop it.
I only do it when I have time and something to say. But really I do it for me. I want to be able to have a record of some of the highlights of our homeschool life for our family, and for my son when he is older.
Meredith said…
I read your posts, too, and draw inspiration from you, but I mostly comment in person nowadays (yay!). I even search your blog for things I remember from the past that I want to do. I appreciate your work here!
Anonymous said…
I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. See the link below for more info.

Angie said…
I'm here but don't have internet access often except via phone where typing a thoughtful comment is thwarted by thumbs and auto correct.
Heather said…
I enjoy reading your blog Heidi, and occasionally comment, but not always, even though I like to read it. I notice with my blog also, I get many facebook comments and likes when I link up there, and very few on the blog. I too, am trying to determine if I keep blogging, or take a different direction, or what.
Anonymous said…
I check in about once a week to see what you guys are up to, marvel at everything you accomplish, and see how the kids are growing! I expect that as we get more serious about education in the next few years, I may pay more attention to the content--and likely contact you directly for my myriad of questions!
Anonymous said…
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