Homeschool Highlight Reel 1/31

As mentioned earlier this week, following Lucie around is evidently my new primary duty as classroom guide in our happy little homeschool.  That results in less evidence of what everyone else is up to.   This week I was just happy to get through a lesson without her terrorizing our school materials or putting her own life and limb in jeopardy!


Aidan has been very helpful with Lucie distraction this week.

She does sit still sometimes :)

But really, she's mostly a mover and shaker these days!

Practical Life

I love how he works in clusters with the same types of materials


With temps of -15, there have been lots of afternoons inside.  Kylee taught Caleb how to finger-knit.

Note the chairs....
Kylee has been very into USA geography recently and this was a bonus afternoon work one day.

Next week is Caleb's first week at school so I'm not sure what the week will bring, but we will be ever grateful for the prayers you send on our behalf!  It is quite possible there may be some brief interruptions in our regular posting schedule for the next few weeks as we transition.  

Also, if you did not see my note on the Work and Play Facebook page, I am taking a personal hiatus from Facebook and this may affect the Work and Play, Day by Day page.  If you rely on Facebook to follow this blog, I am recommending that you also follow in another format.


1 comment:

Abbie said...

My little guy likes to do ALL the dressing frames sequentially too! So funny how that age works.

I knit easy stuff with regular needles. I think I learned as a child using regular needles, but I can't remember at what age. Is finger-kitting easier than double points and knitting in the round? I've heard of finger knitting but never learned how. I was thinking that this spring before the weather gets warm we might have a go at learning knitting.
And best of luck to you, prayers and wishes are going your way as you being this transition!