Little Monkey

We have a little monkey at our house....





A monkey see, monkey do that is!

Logan is our talkative, silly, industrious little three year old.  He loves to participate in school this year with "big kid" works and can usually be found mimicking something the bigger crew is doing, whether that is a puzzle or assembling some IKEA furniture.  He is often close behind practicing what he thinks he needs to do to be just like the older kids.  I'm so grateful that my kids have these siblings to encourage and inspire each other!

When they aren't running around like rough housing maniacs that is......


Abbie said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

We have the same Ikea set table and chair set, though we use it upstairs for crafts, and not for classroom work.

Do you find that bolt block to be somewhat easy? I have the slotted one because I didn't think about the screw driver slipping out of the straight head, though D manages. Yours looks like it would hold together better for someone very small.

Abbie said...

Oh and can see in the last picture that he is using his left hand to guide that screw-driver into the bolt, while using his right hand for stability.

As for encouraging him, our experience is to let the child choose which hand to use, but set up the environment such that it is logical to use the left hand. Place pencils to the left of the page. Place the chalk bucket to the left of the slate. Place a "filled-up fork" to the left side of the plate. If you are giving lessons, you can control the arrangement of materials. I since I am righty, I pick up the utensil with my left hand since it is on the left side, and then I transfer to my right. Once he chooses that dominant hand, he'll be able to pick something up with his right and transfer it to his left when he needs to. Let me know how that all goes.

Heidi said...

Thanks Abbie!

We had all three boards of education from Montessori Services with the three levels. I kept the graded flat head screwdriver and the bolt board in the picture and passed the third one (same size screws I think or maybe graded bolts?) to a friend with lots of boys. I have found they generally master the bolt board before the flat head screwdriver.