Tracking My Little Class

I mentioned before the Christmas break, that I am working on improving my record keeping and tracking for my little class.  With five students, spanning 4 official Montessori levels (I double up Children's House), keeping track of where everyone belongs is a bit of a headache!

I was originally thinking I would make sequential checklists or spreadsheets based on our albums and materials but after starting just biology, and only making it through E1, I realized that was probably going to be a bigger task that the amount of time it would actually save me.

What I came up with instead is a blank table for each child, with the subject areas that they are working in along the top of each column and room to write upcoming presentations.


This keeps each child on their own page and makes it easy to hop to the right place in my albums (which I finally put on my iPad) and see where they are, jot down the next couple presentations they should be working on and then work from there.  I'm still working on getting through each content area, but so far I am feeling much more organized.


 So far it is exactly what I was looking for.  Nothing complicated, easy to customize to our setting, and quick to use.  The only thing I think is that I will wish I had printed two pages per child for my planner.  They will go through the subjects unevenly as some areas have more presentations than others, so we will have to see how it works out towards the bottom of the page and how long it takes us to fill it up!

It even works for Lucie and her 3 columns!


During work time I can simply open to that child's page in my planner, choose a subject, and see exactly where they are.  No more keeping it in my head!

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Marsha said...

What a great tool. I love to see what other homeschool moms are doing to keep up with records.