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Last Week Catch Up

I've noticed all of my blogging friends are all posting about either being sick or behind in posting due to house projects or just extra busy.  I'm right there with you!  I never got on to write about Thursday or Friday last week.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but Kylee accomplished the rest of the first set of sound drawers, which was her goal for moving on to the next set of readers.  Now we start to explore more of the alternate spellings for key long vowel sounds.  She has definitely moved from her writing explosion into her reading explosion.


Aidan continued his work in US Geography, starting the pin map but not finishing it.  Sometime he balks away from works like this that take a significant amount of time to complete and this is something we have been working on in measured amounts.  My goal for him this week is to finish the whole exercise.  We are working on finishing our American History reading and then we are going to watch America, The Story of Us as a fun review treat.  We use a rotation for history so I can keep everyone together and this year we are focussed on American history.  Theoretically we would have covered modern history only, but we back tracked a little to basically cover the whole of American settlement by Europeans onward.  I think we are going to stop with WW2, but I haven't decided that for sure.


Writing the next week here, I can't really remember what Logan and Lucie did the end of last week.  Actually, I'm not sure I remember what I did and clearly I didn't take enough pictures!  The electrician who is running new lines to our attic is starting work today and Tim finished the framing over the weekend.  Electricity will be the last job we pay someone else for.  Tim will do the ceiling and insulation next and then the floor and walls.  I'm still not sure when it will finally finish up but it's exciting to see it coming together.  I tried to take a picture, but since there isn't any overhead light yet, it's kind of dark.  Maybe I should have waited until the electric was finished!  It is basically an L shaped room, which I estimate at 75% of the 900 sq. feet that the floor of the attic is.  The back right corner of the attic will be a storage room.  The window is behind you when you are standing at the top of the steps.  There will be a bench under the window, creating a little reading nook area.


Caleb is off school today and already we are off to a loud start to our day.  Hoping to finish up some chores this morning and then get everyone settled into some good school work so my head doesn't explode!