Happy Tridium & Easter

During the days leading up to Easter we try really hard to center our activities around the liturgical calendar.  Some years are better than others, but I'd call this year pretty good.  Caleb was off school for the whole period which was great, but Tim had to work which was kind of a bummer.

Holy Thursday we made lots of bread, enough for one loaf with dinner for each of the next days (Friday-Sunday) and pretzels for that day's snack.  Lucie was really into pretzel making.  Mass is after bedtime for the littlest three so we usually only have one of us go to services with a big boy or two.




Good Friday I didn't take any pictures, but we usually only have one of us go to services and then we do stations together and take all of our statues, candles, rosaries, prayer cards, etc off our piano and cover up all of our pictures of Jesus.

Holy Saturday we don't do any *Easter* things.  No egg hunts, no parties, etc.  Actually we ended up playing outside for most of the day and then Aidan and I went to Vigil Mass just the two of us.

Easter Morning we don't have the Easter bunny visit, but after the kids go to bed, we uncover all of the pictures of Jesus and decorate our piano with a pretty white cloth and flowers.  We put out a few pieces of chocolate candy and make cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  This year's batch was especially good and I don't know what I did differently.  We didn't have any family visiting this year so we were able to eat together and hang out.  Our lamb cake was not quite as much of a disaster as last year's when the head fell off, but it was a little scary again.  The kids don't care, they love it anyways!  Strangely, I actually had 5 or 6 decent pictures to choose from as the best of the bunch.



Easter Monday, since there was no school, we had friends over to decorate Ukrainian Eggs.   I sort of kind of forgot to order new dyes and so we had to make do with natural dyes which are beautiful but lack the brilliance of traditional eggs.  It was a good excuse to clean up a few of the black walnuts scattered around the yard though.


Now Caleb is back to school and we are back to pretending to be having lessons when really we'd rather be playing outside!

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