In The Meantime...

We haven't abandoned life, school, and household completely!

Logan has been working hard with his numbers a lot.  He is struggling a little to connect quantity and symbol so we have been going slowly and doing lots of cyclical work and extensions.

Kylee has been plugging away with her addition work.  We have moved the the stamp game, started dynamic addition, and she is working away with the charts to memorize her facts.  She's also doing lots of spelling work with our drawers.   This is an example of a two way sort- first by vowel sound and then by initial digraph.  She is also now working with the first introduction to functions of words and now sorts the nouns and vowels from her spelling to write in her grammar notebook.


Aidan has finished up polynomials and is working through the upper elementary fraction work (Steps 2 & 3).   We are actually taking a little different approach, using Math U See Epsilon as a bit of a trial to see how we like the program.  Starting to think about what will come next for us when he finishes the Montessori elementary math sequence in the next year.  So far he really likes it and so do I.  We aren't using the student workbook, just the DVD and manipulative pieces (well, the fraction overlays....we are using bead bars when they call for their blocks....I need to see if that would actually work long term).  We write our own practice problems as we always have and use some Khan academy for drill type practice.  I'm actually thinking he will move from Epsilon, back to finish out our albums and then either into PreAlgebra or Algebra.   Gonna keep thinking on that one.

Biome work has continued.  We have covered soil, air, and water in the past month or so (I can't remember what I've talked about and what order).  Clearly we didn't need a chart to explore water carving a  path through the soil....  Our stencils came and Kylee (my map princess) especially loves them.  I'm looking forward to spending some more time with Aidan with these as we use them more as I think he will also like them.

 I have been keeping busy and distracted with some knitting and some painting- I've finished all of the bedrooms except Kylee's (which is prepped and ready to go with her, Aidan, and Lucie all squished into one room right now) and two of our bathrooms.

 The kids have been keeping busy with lots of playing outside!  Logan is clearly following my instruction to stay out of the wet sandbox, yes?  He says he was "testing" it.


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Abbie said...

Wow, busy times for you all! What wonderful work you all are doing!