Seeking Survey Takers!

Even though I know lots of my followers use the Montessori method, I know I also have lots that don't.  I am doing a formative evaluation of the My Catholic Speller series by Catholic Heritage Curricula for a Master's degree course project and would appreciate if anyone who is using or has used this curriculum would complete the following survey for me.  I need at least 10 parents to complete this survey and would appreciate any help follow bloggers could offer in getting the word out to those who may use this program.  Feel free to post to Facebook pages, blogs, private group, email...wherever you may know someone using Catholic Heritage Spelling!


Click here to take survey

I will be looking for a product still in development to evaluate in the coming months.  If anyone has a connection to someone currently developing an educational product (of any variety) that may be interested in a professional-in-training evaluation I'd love to connect!

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