Coming Home

Anytime I return from a conference, a tournament, or just a weekend away I always have a whirlwind of thoughts running around my brain competing for my attention with the bathrooms and laundry that need catching up.  This week is no different.

Even my broccoli needed attention.


The conference itself was wonderful as always.  I was able to connect with a couple friends I hadn't seen in awhile, hang out with other moms from our local group, and make new friends.  I really didn't need anything in terms of curriculum so, while I couldn't resist a couple books at the used book fair, I mostly stayed away from purchasing.

Logan spent the weekend with my mom for "Grandma Camp" so after the conference I kept heading north to pick him up.  Then we got up early on Sunday so we could make it back south before Mass.  We could have stayed and gone to Mass up north, but we (ok- I) really wanted to be home and give everyone a good squeeze.  Which mostly had to wait until after Mass because we literally drove straight to the church and walked in with not much time to spare.  I had planned ahead for myself, but Logan was wearing basketball shorts, sandals, and a Captain America t-shirt.  Go me.  Teaching preschool is kind of a family business and he came home with a plethora of pirate crafts and costumes.   Lucie thought they were pretty neat.


Between Friday (chatting late into the night with friends) and Saturday (sleeping on my parents' couch), I had about 10 hours of sleep all weekend.  Once I walked into the house, my overwhelming desire was to go to bed and sleep for a week.  I did take a quick nap while Lucie did but otherwise I was anxious to get things reorganized and ready for our week.  There is always a trick to coming home and jumping back in with two feet while trying to finish processing the thoughts that popped up.

The biggest thing for me this weekend, was really coming to a good place (I think) about my blog and about Facebook.  I had two friends (who don't know each other) give me some good, specific (almost identical) encouragement that I really needed.  I'm feeling more at peace about things now.  I also had the chance to chat blogging specifically at the blogger's gathering and then again later with Lacy from Catholic Icing.   She was very encouraging to me and gave me good ideas, which I am putting a plan in place for implementing.  They won't really probably be all that noticeable, just things to help me behind the scenes.


Tomorrow is Caleb's last day of school and then it's onto the summer schedule.  Hopefully my well-laid plans will not need too much shifting and adjusting to keep him busy and happy!


Connie Rossini said...

It was great to meet you at the bloggers' gathering, Heidi. I too for the first time didn't have much shopping to do. It made the weekend more relaxed. I wasn't on a mission as much! I could sit and chat. God bless!

Heidi said...

Connie it was great to meet you too! I had so much fun sitting and chatting with people, I actually skipped one session just to keep doing it.