Summer Materials Project

For the past five six (is it almost Kylee's birthday again?) years, I have been sharing homemade files/resources with readers.  My projects are always low frills and generally aimed at helping simplify some strand of Montessori Elementary at home.  When I think about all of the reasons I started blogging and all of the reasons I keep blogging, what I really want to help people understand is that Montessori Elementary at home is doable.

It seems scary and overwhelming.

But it doesn't have to be.

One of the reasons that even I find it scary and overwhelming is that when I look for materials online I usually find either a- really expensive materials or b- really time consuming tutorials.  I am certainly willing, at times, to spend a little more on materials since they are non-consumable and I have a large family that will use them for many years.  Not everyone has that opportunity, however.  When it comes to time consuming tutorials, see previous sentence.  I have a large family.  That about sums up the problem with those.  Space and storage can also be an issue for families.

That said, I have decided to begin the process of transferring my materials to Teachers Pay Teachers.  Many of my materials will continue to be free, but this will allow me to offer some larger files for a small price.

At this point, I have only transferred two of my more popular free downloads and added my triangle charts.  My triangle charts are specifically designed with homeschoolers in mind because they have been reorganized and adapted to fit on 8.5 x 11 paper so they can be stored in page protectors in a three ring binder or in a magazine file.

Most of my previous files on Google Docs will be moving to the Teachers Pay Teachers store over the summer.  Some will move as is, but others are in the process of a big face lift.  I'm most excited about the grammar materials I'm working on right now.  I just printed a draft copy and am ready to do some photographing of the material to add to the file.

Updated 6/10/14:  I finished my Life of Jesus Montessori Grammar set a week ahead of my self-imposed deadline!  In celebration, I am offering it at half off for the next week only.  


I'm considering eventually adding more detailed lesson plans to the materials to make using them more straight forward for someone without Montessori training.  Tim is working with me on this entire project and his Montessori experience and insights will be invaluable for you and me!

For the time being, the following popular free printables continue to be available through Google Docs.  Links in the original posts will be updated as materials are moved.  

Materials organization, updating, and streamlining of resources is my big project for this summer.  I have a ton of material wandering around in the nether-years of this space and I want to make sure that it is easy to find and use for anyone who is looking!  I also have many, many files that I've never taken the time to upload and share and those that I offered in the early years, simply by email requests. 

Note:  I'm also updating the Work & Play Pinterest Boards to divide out the Montessori Elementary subject areas, so be sure to keep an eye on those!

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Thanks for sharing these materials! Trying to get ready for next year. :)