One Kickin' Weekend

Prepare for Tae Kwon Do photo, video, and commentary overload.....

We flew out from our smaller regional airport after scoring better deals than the bigger Twin Cities airport.  This is how close we were able to park to the front door of the terminal.  Crazy!  Caleb was great on the plane, with only a little sensory/ear issues on the way down from our second leg.


Our friends waited on dinner for us and we were able to watch a little bit of the Master's Induction Ceremony in the garden while we were walking by.

When we got back to our hotel for the night, we discovered this amazing view.

The view was still just as amazing in the morning.

Thursday was rank testing and workshop day.  We watched a friend test, Caleb bought a new pair of shiny red ssahng jeol bong with his own money and had some practice time with a Top Ten competitor from our school in Utah.

We spent the afternoon hanging out at the pool while our friends took classes. Caleb swam while I started doing some planning for fall.

Tournament of Champions/Top Ten Day!  World Championships is actually two tournaments in one weekend, the first of which is the tournament of champions, comprised of the top ranking black belts in each division.  (Where Tim took third in combat weapons sparring last year.) We mostly spent a long day of watching our friends compete, with many snack breaks and much iPad time!

This is tournament number two of the weekend, new season worlds.  This is the largest tournament of the year by a huge margin.  Competitors from all over the world, of all ages and abilities.  After the opening ceremonies, Caleb competed in traditional weapons and creative weapons (placed first in both).  The videos are below along with TONS of pictures.  (I'm going to write a separate post about his special abilities division and how it works).

Turn the volume down before you watch if you don't want to hear my commentary while I was filming.  I always forget not to talk :)

If you missed it the first time, watch that video again and look at the score keeper's face (the guy in the blue suit on the left).  Priceless.


(The funniest part of this photo is not my friends' silly selfie, but the fact that Jon is playing our iPad. Caleb was in the middle of a game when his ring was called and he absolutely refused to go up until Jon agreed to finish his game. Major meltdown averted.)



This was our last day.  A bittersweet time for me to be sure.  I always think saying goodbye will get at least a little easier but I think it actually gets harder each time.  We had a great day of watching the adults compete in their new season tournament and a celebratory dinner at the end of the night (which to my knowledge, NO ONE, took pictures of- go us).  I also tested for my 2BD rank in the morning, and passed...yeah!  Eventually I get a new belt, but in place of my new belt my silly friends gave me an ATA Tiger headband.

Our flight left at 6:00 (AM) and our friends' flight was at 7:00, so we had time for one last quick hug in the airport.  Caleb and I only had a 30 minute layover in Chicago.  We made it, but one of our suitcases did not.  Then there was the temporarily unworking electrical system in the car, but EVENTUALLY we actually did make it home (as did our suitcase, several hours later).  Thankfully my friend Leigh had things under control.  Probably better than I would have ;)

Worlds always ramps everyone up and excites them for more practicing.  Kylee has been asking for lessons almost since the moment we got home.  I on the other hand have another week's worth of untended garden and household things (& bills!) to catch up on!

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