Refresh Your Summer Giveway #1- Faith

Over the next month, I will be doing a mini-series of refresh your summer giveaways.  Each week or two weeks I will be focusing on one of the cornerstones of this blog:  Faith.  Family.  Montessori.  I will have a corresponding giveaway, reviews of other products/items, posts focused on that aspect of our life as it is right this moment, etc.  Up first (as it is the MOST important one, without which all of the others fall miserably short) is faith.

As I have spoken about many times in the past year, we moved to a community with an AMAZING supportive group of Catholic homeschooling moms.  Many of these moms I knew from living here in years past, but I have also met many new moms that I am now so blessed to call friends.  We play at the park, have moms nights (and dad's nights) out, meet for faith formation opportunities, and much more.


One of these moms is Theresa Martin (some of her kids are up there mixed in with mine).  I'd write an awesome endorsement and bio of Theresa, but she already has this great image on her blog summing her up perfectly.

Theresa blogs at New Feminism Rising and is also an author of an amazing book, Woman How Great Thou Art.  She is also a regular speaker and presenter at area events in our diocese.  What I love about Theresa's book is that it is all about being an awesome woman of God through your femininity and womanhood, not in spite of it.  Embracing those uniquely feminine aspect of our make up, not trying to overcome them. This book is full of insights from Theresa, quotes from scripture, and the wisdom of Church fathers and teachings.  Reading through each chapter is like having the chance to sit down and chat with a friend.  I always find myself nodding along or raising an eyebrow as I consider her many thoughts.  I don't know any woman who wouldn't benefit from reading this book!

And you can win a copy, right here on this blog.

Theresa is graciously providing one copy for a lucky winner.  Enter below by commenting on this post with your thoughts on new feminism (required entry), liking Work and Play, Day by Day on Facebook (optional), or sharing this giveaway with friends through your personal blog or Facebook page (optional, can be done once/day throughout the giveaway).  Be sure to enter your activity into the Rafflecopter widget in order for your entry to count.

Contest is limited to US residents.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note:  This is my first time using Rafflecopter and I am not willing to pay for an account just yet until I try it (yes I know everyone else is using it...I like to make my own decisions).  That means this is a bit of an experiment and a stripped down one at that.  Be patient with me please if there are kinks! 


Hannah said...

The book sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Lisa Steger said...

I look forward to reading it!

Heather said...

Sounds very interesting, I have no idea what "new feminism" means, I'll have to go check out her blog

Meredith said...

Glad to see you doing this, Heidi! It's a good book - I've got a signed copy. ;)

Sephora said...

I'm interested in checking out her blog (and winning her book!). I think that our generation of women, especially in the Church, recognizes the "empty promises" of the radical feminist movement. Our unique value as women comes from the qualities that make us different from men--not those that we have in common with them.

Brenda G said...

It's so wonderful to have found a supportive, faith filled community. Here, there is a huge gap. We have the older/elderly generation and this new, younger generation but the gap (our age) is just people who go to Mass. They don't get together, they don't share what their faith means to them and then wonder why the Church has fewer numbers.
I'm always looking for inspiration and thoughts from others, so this would be an interesting read.

Angie said...

Heidi, sorry I missed this and thanks for the email. The kids and i were up north with my family for the week and didn't have or utilize the internet for the duration. Now like you its time for laundry garden etcetera. I'll be trying to win the next 'round', thanks again!