4 New *FREE* Montessori Downloads for Back to School

In celebration of back to school, I have uploaded several new files to our Teachers Pay Teachers store and all of them are FREE!

Notes to play and notes to rest are three part cards I made several years ago when my children were younger and we were learning simple rhythms.  You can see our original post from 2009 here.  We have added and changed our approach to music over the years, but this card work remains an excellent introduction for younger students.

Notes to Rest:  Montessori Three Part Music Cards

Notes to Play:  Montessori Three Part Music Cards

The next two files emphasize language and grammar.  The first file includes four templates for building simple sentences for early writers.  These can be used with any set of vocabulary/grammar cards that you use in your homeschool or your student can create their own word bank.  These would be an excellent supplement to our Life of Jesus Grammar Set.  The second file is a word sort for review of the types of nouns for older (upper elementary students).  It includes a word sort for concrete, abstract, common, proper, and collective nouns.  It also includes a small chart with each of the corresponding symbols which could be printed and used separately as a reference point for both student and teacher!

Montessori Simple Sentence Strips

Montessori Types of Nouns Word Sort

Thank you to everyone who has supported the opening of our Teachers Pay Teachers store!  I have no way of knowing if purchases have come from this blog or from searchers by others TPT users, but even over the summer we had a steady stream of downloads of both free and paid resources.  As I finish up our book, I will continue to add to the store.  My additions are neither fancy or full of frills, but if I took the time to make them I might as well share them to save someone else the time!

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