Family Shennanigans

Busy times around this place!

Last week we spend several hours at the park one afternoon with our good friends.  There was lots of playing, including crawfish catching for the big kids.  Our friends don't homeschool and I admit we will all be a little sad when they head back to school next week and we can't play as often anymore.


I mentioned in our Friday update that Aidan was in a play.  Caleb and I went on a date (he says it wasn't a date), out to dinner and opening night, then Tim took Logan and Kylee Saturday.  Aidan was a 1950's "Cool Cat" in a really cute adaptation of the Cinderella story.  Basically he was one of the boys at the ball, except the ball was a sock hop and they incorporated the cast in other places as well.  He had a blast and was glad to see many of his homeschooled friends (and a few others he knows from our parish) there as well.  He's already looking forward to next year's production.

Lucie turned two this weekend.  I've gotten really bad about documenting birthdays.  We had apple pie and ice cream with birthday girl and Tim's mom and aunt and my parents after the play on Saturday afternoon.  The morning of her birthday I was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast when she woke up and she quietly came downstairs, climbed straight onto the table and sat criss cross applesauce without saying a word and then pointed at my breakfast.

I don't really know what Kylee was doing in this picture, but she sat like this for a very long time having a conversation about clothes with Logan (those are his feet in the picture), so I had to include it.  Same with Lucie taping her own mouth shut.

My girls are weird, but I like them that way :)

Today we went to a parade.  Some friends from our parish live right on the parade route so it was basically go to Mass and then go to the parade with a lot of our friends from church so that was fun, especially for the kids.  We were able to bike there and it was the first time that we let Logan ride his own bike instead of go in the trailer and he did a great job.  Once school starts and traffic during the day goes down, we will have to make some more practice trips to the library.

I didn't take any pictures though.

Maybe I take so many pictures during our school work I forget at other times?

Actually, I think its just because I try not to have my cell phone out all the time when we are out with other people.

Or maybe it's because my in between maternity clothes have a lack of pockets and I hate carrying a purse so often if I'm with Tim I leave my phone behind.

Whatever the case, you can just imagine all our fun for yourselves.

Have a great week!

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