Work and Play 8/22

Photo of The Week


Lucie has been into sitting criss-cross applesauce and I can't get over what a doll she looks like!


Aidan is participating in a week long children's theater presentation of a 1950s themed Cinderella this week so our school room will be a bit quieter (maybe).  It is also our last week with our summer PCA for Caleb so she joined us in the school room this morning.  Today we did language lessons for Caleb and Kylee (see our review of the noun family lesson in detail).   One of Caleb's daily requirements is handwriting practice.  At the recommendation of his OT, we purchased some color-swapper markers for writing "secret messages" to encourage writing.  They are a big hit with basically everyone :)  Lucie was busy, busy today with her work!  I loved the photos of Caleb teaching her how to walk in the red rod maze.  In addition to work in the classroom, she has been exploring all of her practical life choices in our bathroom.  Soon I will add her potty.






Aidan didn't have play practice until a bit later today, which was nice because he could join us for our  Proterozoic Era lesson.  Last week, I noted that I used a few of our existing geography charts for the Archean Eon, but for this time period I chose use images to make hand charts of some of the interesting changes to life.   Kylee chose to write with the backyard biome mat word cards (without using the mat, which is fine with me).  Logan did more sensorial and worked with the life cycle of the apple card work.  I've noticed that from 1-2 all of my kids have used the trinomial cube to stack the small blocks.  What I find interesting about that, is the number of 1" cubes a child can stack is a fine motor indicator/assessment and they seem drawn to practicing that particular skill at that particular age.  We have some slightly larger rectangular blocks that are not used as often for this type of stacking as the trinomial cube is.  My favorite picture from today, however, was Lucie sitting practically on top of Kylee while she worked!


Wednesday and Thursday

We had some errands to run basically all day on Wednesday and with Aidan still gone Thursday and me being worn out from Wednesday (and working on some baby gift knitting projects) we took Wednesday and Thursday off.

That's why we homeschool and I don't feel at all worried about it!

See you again Monday!


Dual Learning Home Educator said...

I loved your last line: "That's why we homeschool and I don't feel at all worried about it!" We are headed to a week like yours. The kids and I are going on a road trip on Wednesday for a week and a half. We are going to help a friend in need in another state. I believe helping others, and managing a household (running errands) are a necessary part of the curriculum =)

Heidi said...

I worried a lot about *lost* days when my children were younger but I've gotten much better about going with the flow! Enjoy your road trip, I think helping others is even MORE important than what happens in the classroom :)