Work & Play 8/29

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A smooth transition into our week today.  For today and tomorrow I have perfect stair steps 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.  Then Aidan will turn 11 and no more perfect steps until three days next year :)  I introduced silver polishing to everyone today.  One of the things I observed is that Logan (who is still clearly in the sensitive period for practical life) chose to use the hand washing table work while cleaning up from his polishing, while everyone else simply washed their hands in the sink (which is of course fine).

I found a bucket of mini dinosaurs at Target last weekend.  Since we are working on geological time periods, I pulled out a pair of each dinosaur as a matching activity for Logan.  This is a fairly advanced matching because sometimes it comes to small differences in head shape/size between two pairs.  I would like to do this activity with Lucie as well, but I will need to lower the number of choices.


Aidan and Caleb worked on concrete vs. abstract nouns.  (In case you are not aware, the symbol for an abstract noun is the black triangle with a blue circle inside.)   Aidan helped with some of my prep work by moving our Childsize Masterpieces curriculum into the new small plastic folders from Montessori Services.  I was really excited to see these folders when the new catalog came last spring!  Our art cards will look much neater when we are finished sorting everything out.  Caleb also continued to work with our Egyptian Numerals card work and is into reading and creating numbers into the millions.



Polishing remained quite attractive today.  Aidan did also some work with Math U See, curriculum or not he prefers to work on the floor.  Caleb moved into greater than/less than, comparing Egyptian Numerals.  Kylee worked on the long u/silent e spelling drawer.  She seems to be having an extra hard time with this drawer so I may pull out some extra practice for that soon.  Lucie was busy with her own work and watching *helping* others.   She pulled out a couple pairs from the dinosaur matching activity on her own without a lesson.


In case anyone thought we were always neatly organized, it is all hands on deck when Lucie gets into the third color box and the second and mixes them up.   I decided that I would go ahead and start presenting the first box to her so maybe she will stop tormenting the boxes..... but probably not!

Finally today, we had a friend join us at the end of our work period for our next Clock of Eras lesson, on the Paleozoic Era.  I pulled out some of our fossil collection from the period this week to supplement the story.


Today was Aidan's birthday and I again failed miserably on all accounts involving picture taking.  School was skipped in celebration and necessity of taking the girls into town for their well child checks.  In interesting news, peanut may have to stop being referred to as such as she seems to have found her way up both the height and weight charts.  Also, the pediatrician in Utah screwed up both girls shot schedule and it took two nurses, our provider, and me to figure out the problem and get them both back where I thought they should be for our modified schedule and the clinic thought they should be.


Twice in one week?  Really, Lucie?  I think I may have to find a new home for the color tablets....

Logan was super sweet with our creation story pieces.  He doesn't really know the correct order and can't read the cards so he just kept taking out a piece and saying, "God made____".   Then right after I took this photo, Lucie came over and he added her name to every sentence, "Lucie, God made_____" to tell her the story.

Continuing on in our creation study, Kylee and Caleb and I read through a few pages of the Genesis 1:1 coloring book (available through Catholic Heritage).  Beautiful illustrations with verse by verse explanations of how we don't have to choose between faith and reason (science).  Caleb liked the part about how science couldn't study God because we can't measure Him or experiment with Him.


Other random work

For our special Friday activity this week, we are heading the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse.  We have been there many times, but wanted to make a special trip to light a candle for our Kenna on her birthday.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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It looks like you all had a fun week :)