BookLook Review: Sarah's Choice by Rebecca St. James

I selected this book for review before I realized it was based on a movie of the same story, so I had already seen the movie before I read the book.  A dangerous combination for any review!  Nonetheless, I have nothing but good things to say about both!

Sarah's Choice, by Rebecca St. James & Nancy Rue, is the embodiment of a very real struggle in our society.  Women today are overlooked with disturbing frequency in the workplace due to their pregnancy status.  There is a very real pressure on women that they cannot have their career and be a mother.  Women are pressured by society, friends, family and coworkers, as Sarah is in this story, that abortion is the only answer to an unintended pregnancy (and even some intended ones).

There is also, however, the reality that in times of great struggle a person can discover in themselves great strength.  That the journey of decision is as important as the decision itself.  It takes great courage to be willing to step outside what society deems as acceptable and normal and this book takes the reader on a journey of discovery with Sarah as she weighs the options available to her.  

This book is both heart-warming and tear-jerking at the same time!  I enjoyed reading it, even when the story was familiar to me.  I highly recommend it!

In exchange for honest review, I was provided with a free ebook copy of this title through the BookLook bloggers program.

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