Work and Play 9/12

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The biggest news this week has been a cursive explosion.  We've always encouraged cursive side by side with print, but this week Caleb and Kylee started practicing enthusiastically and even doing some labeling in cursive.  Logan, Kylee, and Caleb all used the cursive writing boards on an almost daily basis.


The Logan left versus right battle continues.  It's really not a battle, but I cannot proceed much further with him on the writing before reading road if I don't know which hand he is more inclined to use!  Today I decided to ask him to use his left hand for writing.  It was awkward for him at first and he clearly is still defaulting right for handwriting tasks (and eating, but everything else he defaults left).  That being said, he actually had better writing posture (once I fixed the angle of the writing board- not as shown) and fine motor control of his lines with the left.  I figure I will actively encourage left for a week or so and see if he switches on his own.

Logan Writing

Kylee was giving Lucie a very adorable lesson on putting this puzzle together.  I realized after photographing it, that I should have video recorded it instead.

Working more and more with practical life.  I can't put these works on the shelf all of the time, so I have to remember to bring them out each day so she has plenty of chances to practice.

Article- Noun Agreement rules.  First they copied the chart into their grammar notebooks (after we modeled/discussed they created the rules themselves, I just summarized their words on the whiteboard) and then each had a different follow up.  Caleb matched noun/article cards (no writing) and Aidan did a pencil/paper follow up (just a simple worksheet I pulled out of something...just because we use Montessori doesn't mean a one page worksheet can't make a good follow up for a topic like this!)

These boards are a huge hit with Caleb.   I'm planning to bring them to show to his Occupational Therapist this afternoon.

Whole crew playing the Continent Game that was included with the Elementary Continent Mat from Waseca.  Logan needed some help figuring out the cardinal directions, but by the end of the game he was identifying most of the continents correctly which was fun.  I couldn't convince him to sit with Kylee near the South Pole so he was looking at the mat in the correct orientation.  In a couple weeks, I will present the more advanced version of the game to the older two (maybe three).


I love when participation in a group activity inspires individual work.  He REALLY wants to know the  continent names now.  I also observed his word level visual discrimination has improved a LOT.  For everyone else, trying the continent game with the next level dice (includes NE, NW, SE, SW) was an almost immediate choice.


We finished our last period on the Clock of Eras today, the Cenozoic Era.  My dad gave us this really awesome book that was one of his college geology text books I think (the copyright is 1977) but it has a county by county, period by period look at the geology of Minnesota including descriptions of each of the major glacial formations that extended into our state.  We live in a part of the state that was formed heavily by glacial movement and boundaries and there are detailed notes about specific rock formations we have seen and visited.

She just loves puzzles.  She hasn't learned how to put them back together, but we are practicing taking the pieces out carefully and returning them to the shelf.

One of the reasons I like writing these weekly posts is that it serves as a good observational record.  Something I observed looking over the past month is that while Aidan and Caleb have been doing various math work, Kylee and Logan have not done any so I'll be working on incorporating review and new lessons in the upcoming weeks.


Blurry picture, but look!!! Right hand usage and no pointer finger sticking out!!  Maybe I should have pushed him to commit sooner.  Today he was adamant that he should use his right hand when we were working together with letters (although he still did the world puzzle with his left), but this was spontaneous.



Extensive work with invertebrate life cycles today.  The older boys talked about complete and incomplete metamorphosis and the younger two worked with the lifecycle of a ladybug.  All written work by the big three was done in cursive which was encouraging.  Logan added his own "purple ladybug book" and while all of the pictures were, in-fact, purple he was very proud of it.  In addition to another shot of a proper right handed pencil grasp, I was very impressed with his cutting.   I kept finding him "reading his book" throughout the rest of the day.


Just a little more math review to see how where these two are right now.  Kylee is working on expanded form and making numbers on the small bead frame.  (I didn't really set out to review expanded form but she initially had a little trouble with composing the numbers and this made more sense to her, by the end of the lesson she seemed to have gotten the hang of it all again.)


Please see this post for our Thursday update.


Tearri Rivers said...

Love the work your hard working children are doing! Thank you for sharing.

Dual Learning Home Educator said...

Thank you for this post. Can you tell me more about the cursive boards? Where did you get them from? I see your kids are enjoying them. My daughter is interested in cursive writing. We are using the sandpaper letters and another visual aid, but we don't have anything for practicing. What do you recommend?
By the way, I loved seeing all your kids playing together!

Heidi said...

The cursive boards are from, they are also available in chalkboard format. We have used a variety of things in the past and these are by far the best resource we have used.