Work & Play (& Rest) 9/26

Photo Of The Week

We call him our animal-whisperer.  Scenes like this are incredibly common and the cat sleeps on his bed many, many nights.  Not a lot of 4 year old boys I've ever met that can do this for extended periods of time.


I really am hoping to get somewhat back on target this week with something that resembles a routine.  That being said, I wasn't as organized for Monday as I usually am this week!  Boys are still in their in-depth noun study, covering possessive nouns this week.   For each noun topic they create a page in their grammar notebook and then do a follow up work. The hand chart we used came from this website.  We didn't use the worksheet part, although I printed it to use orally during the lesson.

I talk extensively about our approach to grammar with our notebooks and small hand charts in my book, Beyond the Moveable Alphabet, which I am still hoping to publish soon.  It is ready to go for ibook format and for PDF, but we are having major kindle formatting issues to the extent we are considering paying someone to do it for us.   I was considering skipping Kindle to start with but Tim nixed that idea.

I have an interesting observation about Kylee and math.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that Kylee seems to rely on expanded form quite a lot.  She can do anything and everything I ask her to, make numbers quickly and correctly on the golden beads, stamp game, and bead frames but when she solves a problem before she can read that answer back into number format she needs to write it in expanded form first to kind of cement the place values in her brain.   It's a step in the mental process she is missing somewhere.  It's also obviously a sign she is not ready to abstract yet.  I wondered about going back to some golden bead work, but Tim thinks I should stick with the bead frame for now.  (I love picking his brain about stuff like this.)

Some individual choice work.  Always the sensorial stuff for Mr. C and Aidan is giving a Godly Play presentation to Lucie.  She listened quite intently for about half of it.



If you missed the full update from our appointment on Tuesday, click here.


Caleb has never struggled in math, but he never really took to it either.  The last few weeks I have learned that might be mostly a side effect of his handwriting struggles.  He has been flying through addition and subtraction with borrowing and carrying completely mentally, faster than I can do the same problems.  Unfortunately that just reinforces that we need to be digging that much deeper into multiplication and division which is going to probably require fighting him a bit on the writing again. He will be fine during the materials stage, but the bridge to abstraction not as much.

This girl is still really struggling with the long u sound for some reason, particularly when it comes with the silent e spelling.  Brought out all the dwyer cards, spelling drawers, moveable alphabet, and phonics readers for that sound AGAIN this week.    Considering resorting to some focused worksheets printed off the internet for extra practice.  Not my favorite approach, but she usually actually likes them so I should probably let go of my own prejudice there :)

Deep into invertebrate research still.  Exploring coral.  Aidan and Caleb are studying the parts of a coral polyp and Kylee is matching and identifying varieties of coral.  A little bit of math and language each week and at least one longer session of research and exploration like this seems like it might be a good minimum goal to reach for while we are all of our routines and missing school time for appointments.

Wednesday I also had a chance to meet with my OB in town and run through everything with him.  I felt even better than I had hoped meeting with him as he is very supportive of our beliefs and our plan and respectful of our desires.  He not only gave me his personal cell phone number in the event I have a bleeding issue again, he also is meeting with me again Tuesday after he has a chance to think things over this weekend and do a little more research about care options and other ideas.


Ok, bad homeschooling mom here....we took Thursday morning off too (which in case you are counting means we did 2 days of school this week).  We had a new family photo taken.  I snapped this quickly while everyone was playing outside while waiting for our photographer to arrive.  I am so excited for a preview!


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