Hospital Bedrest Day 10


My parents came into town tonight for the weekend.  The plan was to have dinner and swimming with everyone at the hotel tonight, but Lucie had other plans.  Tim thought last night she might be coming down with an ear infection and considered taking her to urgent care this morning but she woke up feeling ok, so he decided not to.  Five minutes into swimming, she puked all over (not in the pool thankfully) and spiked a fever.

Since he had already had his suspicions (and because if she had stayed I would have had to leave) he took her to fast care and she does in fact have an ear infection.   Grrr......

This means I ended up not seeing Tim at all today, five minutes yesterday when he dropped something off, not at all Wednesday, and an hour with the kids on Tuesday.  We haven't had much time together this week and it is clear to both of this that it matters.  Maybe this makes me a terrible mother, but I think I worry about him far more than the kids.  Lots of people are helping look out for the kids, but who is looking out for him?

Nothing else particularly interesting today.  I found out that my MRI on Tuesday has been changed to a "flexible" time.  Apparently as an in-patient they won't make me an appointment, only fit me in in the order they determine most important.  Could be as early as 9 and as late as 3.  Seeing as I am a pregnant lady and they require 4 hours of clear liquids prior to the procedure they'd better consider me pretty darn important or they might not like the side of me that comes out.  Either that or I'll be passed out.

Time to start praying the results of the ultrasound on Monday are different than the results of the last dozen!  I had been thinking of it only it terms of the formality of evaluating the previa and a normal growth scan but now I'm asking for much more!   Back to that whole original prayer request of fluid or kidneys.  Either/or would allow us to cancel the MRI completely.  I don't care if it's not likely, I'm gonna focus on that for now, as focusing on the frustration that I'm already feeling about Tuesday isn't going to lead itself to a very good weekend!

Day 11

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