Hospital Bedrest Day 11

Tim visited today by himself for most of the day, he even took me out for ice cream.  Then he went home and we had a very enlightened text conversation as you can see....

I've said before I had nothing to report.   Today I really have nothing to report.  Tim was here, we did some work, I had a nap.   I read a book.   My parents hung out with the kids for day.  Lucie is feeling better and so far no one else is sick.

I've been thinking more and more about the results of our testing that is only a few days away at this point.  It's not that I'm anxious about the results, the truth is I feel strangely peaceful about it. Due to a variety of reasons, I feel fairly confident I will ultimately be diagnosed with PPROM.   The thing that I struggle with is back to more unknown.   While I knew it was one of the options, I have avoided investing too much research into one option or another.   I'm starting to learn more about what PPROM means and THAT makes me a little anxious.   I realized we have never discussed a notification-of-Tim-in-case-of-emergency/kid plan.  The more stories I read about PPROM is that most of the babies are ok long term, but many, many of them end up delivering very suddenly after feeling just like I do now...which is that everything is fine.   On one hand I know that's why I'm here but on the other hand reading actual birth stories made it a little more real that delivery is not something I've really put a lot of preparation in for but it really could literally be imminent.  

I should probably stop reading stories least until after the testing is finished  :)

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