Hospital Bedrest Day 12


Tim and the boys came and brought me to Mass today.  Caleb didn't want to wait until they got home to have lunch (he was angling for Dad to take them out), so I told him I would order tacos (what was waiting at home) and have tacos too.

Siena was working really hard at raising my blood pressure today.  She wasn't moving as much basically from the moment that I woke up this morning.  During our normal NST she had one big and a couple small decelerations that my nurse said were probably *just* her rolling around on her cord and then adjusting herself.  I tried not to be worried/freaked out by that, but I admit I was.

As the day went on, she was still not moving well at all.  Like one or two movements/hour which is far less than they want so I let the nurse know.  She decided to do another NST and have the MFM doctors look at this one.  This time Siena was hiding way low and almost under my right hip.  She wasn't moving and it took what felt like 5 minutes (but was probably only 1 or 2) to find her heartbeat and I'm thinking had they taken my blood pressure it would have been more than a little high.

She had another big deceleration on the monitor, but the doctors looked at it and decided not to be concerned.  I think the idea is as long as she's readjusting herself and coming back up quickly they won't worry?  They seem to expect more of this as she continues to grow.  In fact, I *think* it is one of the risks of being pregnant with PPROM versus risks of prematurity that is a factor in the eventual crossing of risks that makes 34 weeks the end goal and requires hospital bedrest in the meantime.

The told me they would do another NST anytime I continual monitoring excessively paranoid?

Don't answer that.

I've been saying for awhile Lucie was going to give me my first grey hair, Siena seems to have decided to make her own push for that prize.

Tomorrow is a really big day for us with two ultrasounds.  A growth/fluid/etc check and also a placenta scan to see if my previa has changed or moved in any way.  I'm praying for resolved completely on the previa and evidence of fluid and/or other verification of PPROM through ultrasound that will allow us to cancel the MRI on Tuesday.

Day 13

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