Hospital Bedrest Day 2


 I promised I would write about the good and the bad.  The real life of being here.

The real life of today is that it was boring and draining at the same time.

Siena was a good girl although not as active as usual today (which wears on my nerves).  During her NST she kept trying to *swim* away from the monitor and kicking it.  I had a flu shot and 2nd betamethazone shot (steroids for lung development).  They also took out my IV so I don't have that sticking out of my arm all the time now, which is nice.  Otherwise, I only had one consult today as compared with five yesterday.

For the last five weeks I've had a balance of good days where I am very optimistic and hopeful for a good outcome followed by a *crash* of emotions on the other side where I just want the whole nightmare over.  I just want to KNOW one way or another what we are actually looking forward to.  Usually these crashes come after several days of moving in the right direction and good news and they feel like little reality checks.

I didn't sleep very well last night and was already feeling pretty down before Tim arrived around lunchtime (bearing Chipotle, chocolate, and Sprite).  Between his company, a nap, a walk (I've been given permission to be up and around including off unit for 2 hours/day), some cribbage, some schoolwork, and a few tears I was in much better shape when he left around dinner time.

Normally Aidan has a time limit on when he can be on the wireless connection (and thus able to text with me on his iPod), but I asked Tim to remove it because it was nice chatting with him this evening too.  He (Aidan) called later and made all of the kids talk to me, even Caleb (who does not care for the telephone or really any extraneous conversation).

So while nothing *bad* happened today, I can't really say today was much of a good day.  Hoping for a good nights sleep tonight as that really does make all of the difference.

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