Hospital Bedrest Day 3


Silly selfie with my chocolate cake faced princess.  Today was Tim's birthday so the whole crew came for a visit together.

Nothing interesting medically to report (which is probably going to be a theme).  I had a quiet morning and then Tim and the kids got here a little after lunchtime.  We did presents and cake and then went for a very short walk.  It was quite windy and brisk with the drafts between the big buildings.  After our walk, I played cribbage with Aidan and everyone else watched cartoons on "mommy's OWN TV".  They think the TV in my room is very novel.

Kids were well behaved but I was exhausted by the visit.  Feeling extremely tired and achy tonight.  I basically changed into my pjs and headed to bed straight from when they left, through supper, and into the evening.   I suspect this will become more and more common the longer I am here.  The energy I want to have is not the energy I actually have.

Day 4


Olivia D {The Road to Poland} said...

I've always wanted to know how to play cribbage but I just don't understand the rules and how to score points, I am a visual learner. I own the game but never played it!

I don't comment often but we are praying for your family and your little one.

Jessica said...

We are continuing to pray for you as well!