Hospital Bedrest Day 5

This picture is actually from yesterday, but this is my first hospital *finished* project.  This is a collaboration between myself and Kylee.  She did almost 30 feet of finger knitting, I crocheted along the sides and then used a jelly roll quilt design to turn it into stripes and added a border.  I am not a crochet expert so this was a bit of a labor of love.  It is just the right size for her American Girl which is what she wanted.  I'm also working on finishing a sweater I started FOREVER ago (1 sleeve left) and my nurse told me that they could use some donations of cute boy hats.  Apparently lots of people donate cute girly hats but not cute boy hats.  I already told Tim where to find a small stash of some boy yarn for me :)

I'm trying really hard to keep to some sort of routine as everyone has told me that will help me in the long run.  So far my routine looks something like having quiet prayer in the morning for good while (which feels like SUCH a luxury- this morning I started a new book, Crossing the Threshold of Hope by (now St.) Pope John Paul II), breakfast and rounds and medical stuff, showered and dressed, knit and read in the morning, lunch, visitors in the afternoon, rest a bit, get outside if I can (requires supervision so it doesn't happen every day), dinner, and then keeping the tv watching to mostly evening when I am more tired.  I have a sleepy time playlist on my iPad that I created extensively for nights in hotels with small children, but I've discovered it really helps me sleep too.  Listening to lullabies I've rocked my babies too is apparently mentally soothing and I've slept well for a couple of nights now.

We had a bit of an adventure this afternoon when the desk/check-in nurse on the floor sent a group of my friends to the wrong room....which was an occupied labor and delivery room.  Oops!  Two of my oldest friends (except of course neither of them are old!) happened to come at the same time today and it was good to see them both.  One brought some cute surprises for Siena and the other brought me homemade coffee cake.

At home, things were not so boring for Tim today.  Caleb woke up with a fever so he had to do some schedule shifting for today and tomorrow and squeeze in an urgent care visit (Caleb is rarely just sick..he tends to get really sick quickly).  In the midst some friends were coming to help with leaf raking and his mom was heading home after being here since Wednesday.  This week is much more piecemeal and crazy than last week was for him schedule-wise so I'm really hoping it goes smoothly for them.

Day 6

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Angie said...

Continued prayers...especially for all schedules, yours and Tim's @home with the kids. I need to learn how to finger knit so i can teach my kids!