Hospital Bedrest Day 7

First of all, THANK YOU, to everyone who called, texted, emailed, left a note on here or Facebook to encourage me when I didn't have such a great day yesterday.  I still have more good days than bad and today was, once again, much better.

When the dietician was here yesterday she told me that I could order an "off menu" plain yogurt, frozen fruit, and protein powder smoothie (supposedly it was unsweetened, but I'm not completely convinced of that).  I didn't understand why the only thing she and I could agree might be healthy was off menu, but then I saw how it showed up on my meal order.  Apparently only people who need tube feedings qualify for real food....


Running through the morning quickly-

Normal rounds and daily monitoring.  Siena was a little wild this morning and so I had to sit still longer than normal so they could make sure she was just extra active and not actually stressed out by something.  She was fine.

Tim brought the kids over for a visit during the morning.  Seriously they mostly watched cartoons again, but it was just nice to have them all together.  I didn't even care about the tv watching.  (Plus my unit went from 3 patients when I went to bed to 5 when I woke up and I have a neighbor now.) While they watched, I finished this sweater for Caleb, which he hates because its too scratchy.  I'm hoping Tim can convince him to wear it with a long sleeved dress shirt underneath.  It's a little short waisted but I think it turned out ok (minus any blocking because I can't do that here).


Around lunchtime, we had a visitor from the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who brought a pair of St. Gianna's gloves for us to venerate and pray with as we continue to ask for her heavenly intersession on behalf of Seina.  I'd love to say that my whole family was very respectful and quiet...but that would frankly not be MY kids.  She was good with the kids though and encouraged them to touch the gloves and to put holy cards or other items with the gloves.  Tim and I had a few quieter moments, but mostly it was the equivalent of inviting holiness into our normal craziness.

Which felt pretty darn good!

In addition to placing a couple of holy cards/St. Gianna pictures with the gloves (Kylee wanted her own to take home just like Mommy's), we also placed a blanket that was gifted to Siena from a very longtime dear friend (also Caleb's godmother).  After the kids left I had a nice conversation with the woman from the Shrine about how wonderful it is to be a part of a community of faith that continues to believe in and acknowledge the existence of miracles and is not afraid to boldly ask for one, particularly using the intersession of the great communion of saints.


(We did take a couple of other photos, which you can see by clicking on the above photo and clicking through my Flickr album.)

Other daily updates would be a quick social worker check in and an anesthesia consult. It was a weird consult because there are so many unknowns and possibilities that I might not need a c-section BUT if I had trouble now they wouldn't have a choice because they haven't reevaluated the placenta previa yet (ultrasound scheduled Monday for that).  So it needed to not wait, just in case.  Checked off my list for now and hopefully if a c/section does come into play it will be nice and planned with no surprises!

Day 8


Angie said...

"inviting holiness into our normal craziness " I love this line! It is really what the goal is for all of us with kiddos.

Abbie said...

Prayers and thoughts go out to you. I am wishing that I could do a little knitting now too!