Hospital Bedrest Day 8


We have still been having trouble getting a good NST each day.  This is the best we could get today and this is with the nurse holding it in place for the entire time.  They can always find her, and her heart rate is strong, but she is moving around so much they just can't keep her on the monitor.  In one way, this is a good problem to have.  On the other hand, it makes watching her for signs of stress somewhat challenging!

I also had my glucose screen today, which I passed.  I've never gotten sick from the test before, but I didn't know they were doing it and they came right at lunch time when I hadn't eaten yet.  I barely kept it down and then by the time they came to draw my blood I had such a headache I could barely sit up straight.  I was finally able to get lunch at almost 2:00 and after lunch and a nap I was feeling much better.  Thankfully I will not have to do that again!  

During the afternoon, my nurse came up in and gave me the "Antenatal Education Packet".  You know those handouts, etc, that they give you at the doctor throughout your pregnancy?  They apparently have a special one for us long term hospital patients and she realized no one had ever checked it off on my chart as completed.  Thrillingly useless information, but I applaud their effort.  One of the booklets had some suggestions for keeping busy in the hospital, but most of them were things I had already tried or figured out.  They did suggest crossword puzzles or other word games and I thought that might be a good idea to try.  My nurse also brought me a newspaper a little while ago, which was nice of her.  

I don't know a lot about the other patients on this unit other than when I see them, which is not very often as none of us are exactly running races around the hallways.  I have been paying attention, however, to how many rooms are occupied at any give time.  Initially there were two of us, then a third came right after me.   It was just the three of us until a couple day ago and by last night we were up to 7!  Then this morning another mom (the one who came just a short time after me) delivered at 27 weeks so we are back down to 6.  As Tim says, it kind of brings home why we are here- that's not far away and could easily be us one day.  I wish I could give you an update or info on how baby is but unfortunately I don't have any information on that, but I'm sure that they could use your prayers either way.

No visitors today, but I held up pretty well I think.

Day 9


The girl who painted trees said...

I was on bedrest for just over a week with my twin pregnancy last year, so I know how dull it can be. I am praying for you and Siena every day. Thank you for blogging through your bedrest.

Dual Learning Home Educator said...

Hi Heidi, I still have my "pray for Heidi and her family" post-it on my computer. Like I said before, I don't pray often. I should give more thanks for our lack of needs.
I have never been in bed rest but I have a few ideas: Study Spanish online! It is a great time to pick up Spanish and use it. I am sure someone at the hospital speaks Spanish =)
Scrapbooking? I wish I had time for that!
Open a questions and answer post! I would love to pick your brain about homeschooling.
Start writing letters on paper. Getting news, pictures, and other things might keep you looking forward to the hospital's mailman. I will write to you (in Spanish).
Get hooked on a new series, or an author's style. I really enjoy reading non-series books by one author to later compare them.
Please know that I am reading every single one of your hospital posts. I wish I could do more t sheer you up.