New Family Photos

A few weeks ago, we had our favorite photographer TJB Photography come over and take new family photos for us.  We hadn't updated our family photo since Logan was only a few weeks old and Lucie had never had a professional photo done at all!  Here are a few of our favorite shots.

Family photo Collage

****All images copyright TJB Photography, used with permission.  Tanya runs a great small business and I know she would appreciate your support!  Be sure to *like* her on Facebook and if you have need of a photographer in the SE Minnesota area, let her know that Heidi at Work and Play, Day by Day sent you!  Work and Play, Day by Day received a partial exchange of services (aka a discount) in exchange for promoting TJB Photography...the legal people tell me I have to disclose that, but we've been using TJB Photography for far longer than we have been blogging so it feels a little strange to say!****


My Boys' Teacher said...

I'm so glad you all did that! Great photos!

Dual Learning Home Educator said...

Beautiful pictures and lovely bacground.

Angie said...

These are so fun!