Work & Play 10/3

Photo of The Week


"Distract your sister,"  I said.

Who was really being distracted here?



Our Catholic co-op is studying Marian apparitions this semester and each of my kids is in a different group.  I had everyone read a version of their assigned apparition. I ended up finding a 30 minute YouTube video on the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock in Ireland for Kylee to watch.  We also listened to the song, "Lady of Knock".


Boys are working on plural noun spelling rules.




As of right this moment, next week I do NOT have any doctor appointments on Tuesdays.   I'm really hoping it stays that way!  I'm a little tired of dragging myself there every week!  Grateful on one hand that I still need prenatal care, just not wanting the emotional ups and downs that come with each week.   This week was mostly encouraging news actually.  Baby is growing, OB found two (tiny) fluid pockets that weren't seen before (could be new or could be just visible due to how baby has moved around), and he's pretty sure he found one of baby's kidneys.  No change in prognosis, but a little positive news for a good change

We also had dentist appointments- 5 kids, no cavities.  Definitely miraculous occurrence because I assure you it is not their excellent dental hygiene that leads to such outcomes!  I unfortunately have a chipped front tooth that I need to have fixed.  It's scary looking.


I'm working with Childsize Masterpieces step 2 this year.  Mostly this is too simple for the older kids, but it's good for Logan.  I try to buy one or two new books each year and incorporate them with whoever it is appropriate for age wise.


More work on plural spelling rules.

We did a bunch of projects for the feast of St. Therese today.  Kylee and Caleb made fuse bead roses, we made felt rosettes, and some kiddos did sketching and/or painting on top of that!  We also read her story out of (I think) three different of our saint books.

Her "rose" started out so neat...and then turned into two-year old art which means the whole page was colored a mix of green and red about three inches deep.

Fun thing about multiple ages is seeing multiple progressions all at the same time.  This is "St. Therese with the grass and the sun and some red roses with green leaves"

Aidan was a bit of a sleep head and got up late so he was working on his math while watching everyone else with their projects.

Eventually he got into it too though.  I wish I had taken a finished picture of some of the projects.  I really enjoyed Aidan's painting of St. Therese because it looked like a finished project, that probably any Catholic could correctly identify as St. Therese rather than something generic.  The kids really had a fun artsy/craftsy, somewhat messy, morning of projects.


I think mom was distracted on Thursday!  Kids went down into the schoolroom for awhile, but I didn't give any lessons or take pictures.  We found out early Thursday morning that our baby is a girl, so thoughts of Siena Therese filled up my brain.  The only work I saw was some reading, some painting, and kids listening to the newest Herb Fairy!




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What do you think of the Herb Fairies so far?

And congratulations, along with continued prayers, on the continued growth of your newest baby :)