Tired of Hearing All This Yet?

I've gotten the distinct impression from a few people lately (mostly IRL, not online) that they are somewhat tired of reading and hearing about this stuff.  What will happen will happen and I should just stop thinking about it somehow....magically.  No need to beat a dead horse phenomenon, or something.  Move on for the time being.  Accept what will happen and let it go.  Be happy while I can, maybe?

Guess what?

I'm tired of writing about it.

I'm tired of living it.

I don't have the luxury of choosing not to live these words I write.

So if you don't want to read anymore.

Don't read.

If you think that now isn't a convenient time to read.


And then remember what a gift that is for you.

I don't hate you for that.

Even if you hate me for making you think about it.


Jessica said...

This blog is YOUR place to share YOUR heart as YOU see fit.

I don't comment every post, but I have been honored to "listen" to your words and offer prayers for you throughout my family's day (and night!).

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...

I wish I could give you a big hug right now! I'm sorry you've been hurt by words/actions of some around you.

Talk about it all as much as you need, write as much as you need, keep private as much as you need. No one else is living this. You are.

I hope and pray that most around you are being the loving and supportive friends I know you have. It doesn't lessen the sting of what others may say/do, but hold tight to those who lift you up.

Meghan said...
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Cheech said...

You are so brave! I am a new reader, but when a notification shows up in my mailbox, I immediately open it. Because I am waiting on a miracle, and I believe God, that He will do something so good for those who trust Him! Haters gonna hate. There are people out here who are rooting for you and your family so much!

Meghan said...

Ack! No idea why that posted so many times. I'll go and delete the extras now. Sorry.

Dual Learning Home Educator said...

I am still reading. I am still praying for you, and Siena, and the rest of your family. I believe writing about it is a way for you to cope with it. No one should tell you to stop writing or talking about it! How selfish of them. You have my support.