Are you Siena Strong?

This little monkey has put up with a lot of interference from the outside world for being such an innocent little thing.  She can hear and feel things that most babies can't, and has marched on strong.  She pushes back and responds to noises in ways I've never experienced before.  During my NSTs, the noise of the blood pressure cuff inflating is enough to raise her heart rate!

She has grown and thrived without the comforts and warmth of the miraculous fluid that is meant to protect her little world.  While her little space has gotten cramped much sooner than most babies experience, she has just made the best of it.

She is a tough cookie.

She is not just strong, she is #SienaStrong and I want to be just like her.  


As we approach her birthday next Wednesday, I want to invite all of my readers, friends, family, and strangers to join us in prayer and anticipation.   Consider sharing Siena's story with a friend or even changing your profile picture to share the love.   If you write about Siena on twitter or Facebook, add the #SienaStrong hashtag so we can see your posts.  Siena's story is still unfolding and I look forward to continue sharing our daughter's life with all of you.