Dinner with the Indahls

Actual dinner conversation at our house......

Mom, "See, I have it all figured out.  We have our future Dominican (Aidan), our future Trappist (Caleb), and our steady eddy future diocesan priest (Logan)."

Strange silence and people looking at me funny.

Cheerful Kylee, "Well what am I gonna be?"

Mom:  "I'm hoping one of you two (indicating Kylee and Lucie) will give me grandbabies!"

Excited Kylee, "I will give you grand babies!  Why do you want grand babies?"

Mom:  "So I can spoil them rotten!"

Determined Kylee, "I'm not ever bringing them to you.  Not ever."

More strange silence followed by hilarious laughter.

Reflective Kylee, "Well I will bring you the well mannered ones."

Trying really hard not to keep laughing....

Concerned Kylee, "But some of them might be like Aidan."

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