Grief: A Mama's Unwanted Journey by Shelley Ramsey Review

Grief: A Mama's Unwanted Journey by Shelley Ramsey is a gut wrenching honest journey through the grief that comes with the loss of a child.  Shelley Ramsey's oldest son was killed in an automobile accident just months before his high school graduation.  The book follows the family journey through the initial hours, days, weeks, and years.  There is a strong emphasis on their faith journey and the ways that the journey was different for various family members.

For me, this book was incredibly real.  I found myself relating to many of her emotions and struggles throughout the journey.  At the same time, I appreciated her intermittent narratives when she stepped away from the story to note things that she wished she had done differently in grieving or to share words of advice to others that find themselves on this road.  Some of her stories actually helped me see some places where I am doing well and some places that I am not.

Due to the strong narrative nature of the book, I would highly recommend this book to people walking alongside a friend on this journey regardless of the age of the child or nature of the death.  Her descriptions of various emotions and stages were familiar, even when they weren't quite the same.  From my experience, reading, and chatting with other moms the raw emotions she shares are fairly universal.  This is also a book that I would highly recommend to moms who are also walking down this road.

Although, to be honest, I'm not sure I would recommend reading it quite so soon as I did!

In exchange for an honest review, I was provided with a free ebook copy of this title through the BookLook Bloggers Program.  All opinions are my own.

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