Mysteries of The Rosary Free Printable


We have been reviewing the Mysteries of the Rosary recently and I discovered that everyone kind of knows them.  As a group they can discuss, agree, and get through each set of mysteries, but individually they aren't quite there yet.  You know I am feeling better when, upon this realization, my next thought is to get out of my computer and print up some card work for individual and group review.

We already had picture cards for each of the mysteries, so I added my cards to our existing images.  Our images came from the Rosary Center.  To find the images, click on the Rosary tab, scroll to "How to Pray the Rosary" and then click on the set of mysteries you would like to print pictures for.  There are also additional resources for meditations on the same pages.


If you want to save yourself the time of typing up the mysteries in an appropriate and equal size, I have done the work of adding an instructions page, converting my file to PDF, and uploading it to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Click here for the product page.  Don't worry, its free!

As you can see, the cards are a decent size and could make a nice interactive bulletin board in a classroom.  To use as a bulletin board, I would just use larger images than those from the Rosary Center.  You could focus on one set of mysteries for a week or a month, or put up the entire layout depending on the situation.

Perhaps you will find this resource useful in preparing for Lent.

Perhaps, like me, you are not yet acknowledging that Lent is only one week away!

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