Three Months


Sweet girl, it is so hard to imagine that it has been three months since we first kissed your sweet face!

Since we were all together, however briefly, the eight of us.


I feel like a lifetime has passed in those three months.


Yet it feels like just yesterday.


In some ways, I feel like we harvested potatoes and then I woke up and it was spring.


I'm not quite sure what happened in between.


I blinked and that time was gone.


Our time with you was gone.

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Meredith said...

Love and prayers today, Heidi.

Marisa said...

Aww - lots of love to you today. I <3 the picture of Sienna with her fuzzy hair and plump little arms - so adorable.

Lisa Steger said...

She has not been far from my mind, and neither have you guys!!

Tori Lemire said...

Beautiful thoughts Heidi. It was so sweet to be able to hang out with you and the other ladies last night. Praying for you and your families hearts today.

Wendy said...

Tears and love for you. She is beautiful. Your words are so stark, and in that emptiness between words, I can feel the stretch of time lost and the emptiness of your heart. <3